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Find out just why it’s called “Top Locksmith”, and enjoy the best & professional services in the greater Markham area


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647-493-5603 OPENING hours: 24 Hour

Enjoy the finest remote keys top locksmith has to offer, from regular keys to the remote keys.

If it’s day or if its night you call the service, it’s fine, you are going to get the best service you wanted with the most fast responding time.

From the most known Locksmiths to the hippest Locks, you’ll find out the best price for you.

The clubs locks, the bars locks, the house locks. There is so much we offer in Markham, and so little time to do it.

Enjoy the finest services Markham has to offer, from local service to the top greater services.  

If it’s fun you’re choose us, it’s great you are going to get. Explore our services and prices.

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Don't miss services like commercial, emergency, residential, high security locks and many more.

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